About Us

This project, From Country to Campus: Third-Year Housing Shifts W&L's Storied Social Scene, was reported, produced and designed by 14 students who enrolled in a course taught for the first time in fall 2015 at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va.

The course, Multimedia Storytelling Design, attracted journalism, history, politics and English majors who wondered how The New York Times and The Guardian put together their Pulitzer Prize-winning interactive stories, Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek and NSA Files Decoded: What the Revelations Mean for You.

Students went "behind the curtain" and learned basic web design and programming skills through HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and used other digital tools to imagine, design and create powerful, compelling interactive features with audio, video, graphics—and words—that are on the cutting edge of journalism and mass communications.

Project Manager: Hendley Badcock

Story Editor: Rachel Adams-Heard

Data Managers: Kiki Spiezio, Ray Monasterski and Grace Vianney

Design Team: Kieran McQuilkin, Kiki Spiezio and Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy

Video/Photo Editors: Hendley Badcock, Emma Whittemore, Caroline Sanders and Ray Monasterski

Graphics: Katie Paxton and Grace Vianney

Writers: Lindsay Cates, Logan Hendrix, Carolyn Holtzman and Katie Paxton

Reporting: All students

Course was taught by:

Professor Toni Locy

Department of Journalism and Mass Communications



Professor Jeff Barry

Associate University Librarian